Sunday, 12 January 2014

Not so dry January

January can be a quiet month for most, especially those attempting my dryathalon who get a huge pat on the back from me for their efforts, but I find that January is a fairly busy month for me due to friends' birthdays. I also like to get dressed and get out in an attempt to beat the January blues. Even my lingering cough which is getting worse wasn't going to stop me! The outfit of choice was a top from French Connection which I got for Christmas. I love these loose, dressy T-shirt shapes and I have a few tops like these as they are great for hiding a muffin top because they just skim over this area. I wore it with my Banana Republic shiny brocade trousers which I bought in the sale for £35. The sizes seem to come up quite small as a size 6 actually fits me quite comfortably and I'm usually an 8, often a 10 in trousers. So if you fancy a bit of a size confidence boost then head to Banana Republic! I would recommend trying things on first though. Anyway, they are so comfortable and it was like wearing PJ bottoms! The picture below is the only full length one I have of my outfit but the lighting around my face is really unflattering. (The joys of toilet strip lighting)

This Picture of me with my friend Claire shows off my hairstyle better. It was inspired by Cara Delvigne at the Met Ball but obviously looked nowhere near as good! I just thought I'd try something different


  1. Those pants are a fabulous statement piece. You look great!

    1. Thank you, they are my favourites at the moment