Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Things I Miss about Childhood

1. School holidays
Nothing beats the thought of having six weeks off during summer stretched ahead of you. I remember the sun soaked, fun filled days either in the garden or playing out with friends. I also spent quite a chunk of my summer at holiday playcentre with a group of other kids as my nan used to work there and the paddling pool days were my favourite. As I got older and became a teenager I'd lie on the grass on an old towel or blanket reading magazines such as Sugar, J17 and 19, whilst stuffing my face with bags of 10p crisps (more on this later...)
Also, how great was it having two weeks off at Christmas and spending the build up to it making cards and decorations? I miss those days

2. Collecting tat
The 90's were full of fads and crazes including pogs, Spice Girl photos, football stickers,tamagotchis, temporary tattoos, tattoo style jewellery, (which has made reappearance this summer) pots of gunge, squishy aliens in gunge and many more that I struggle to remember and much to the despair of my poor family, I collected a lot of this stuff. My long, suffering Grandad would buy me endless packs of those Spice Girl photos, only for most of them to be doubles. I owe him BIG time
My other grandparents had a house in Cornwall and I'll always remember a shop in Mevagissy that was full of bits and bobs such as bouncy balls, beads and souvenirs. I used to spend hours making jewellery with beads or cotton and I miss having the time to do that as it's so therapeutic

3. Saturday Kid's TV
From Live and kicking to SMTV, there was always something good to watch on the telly when I was a youngster. I'd watch Live and Kicking most Saturdays and even had a CD ROM game based on the show! As I got a bit older SMTV and CDUK were regular Saturday morning viewing and Ant and Dec set the tone for the weekend.

4. Saturday Night TV
In my opinion, the Saturday night TV of the 90s is yet to be topped. How can you argue with Gladiators followed by Blind Date? One of my favourite challenges on Gladiators was the one where they have to knock their opponent off the podium with what looks like a giant cotton bud. Don't think I'd be brave enough to attempt it myself though! Thoughts of the Crystal Maze also just flashed into my mind but that's another story...
Blind Date is the best and funniest dating show of all time and Cilla Black is definitely the Queen of matchmaking

5. Being able to eat whatever you want without putting on weight
I probably miss this one the most! I've always had a sweet tooth and as a child I'd eat sweets and drink fizzy drinks or milkshake almost every day. 20p mixes, hubba bubba and whistle lollies along with pick n mix when I was lucky enough to visit Woolworths were firm favourites. I could also devour 6 packs of 10p crisps in one sitting without worrying about them going straight to my stomach. Those were the days!

6. A carefree life
I have always been a worrier and panicker, even as a child but despite this life was so much more laid back, relaxed and fun. I think knowing that you were always only a few weeks from half term helped along with not having any worries or knowing how bad the world really is. Once you lose that innocence you can never get it back but you can look back fondly at your childhood memories and temporarily transport yourself to that place again

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Flower Power

When you think of summer you think of florals and it has always been a print I turn to on a bright summers day. Yesterday I went to my friend's daughter's first Birthday party and as it was such a hot day I wore this playsuit from New Look. Last summer I had put on weight and didn't feel as confident about my figure but as I've been watching what I eat and going to the gym regularly this year I feel happier flashing more flesh (not too much though!)

I didn't end up wearing the floral headband as it was way to hot and sweaty but hopefully I'll get another chance to wear it before Summer is over

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Shift Chic

The classic shift has to be my favourite style of dress as I love they way it hangs on my body and away from my stomach, hiding a multitude of sins! When I saw this neon pink number in Forever 21 I had to snap it up! It also has a chunky black zip down the back which is a key trend for Autumn winter so I will definitely be adding tights once the weather cools down 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Lovebox Look

Lovebox is one of my favourite festivals and as it's quite close to where I live it's easy to get home from which is always a bonus! I normally plan my festival outfits in advance but I had just arrived home from Ibiza on Monday night and had no idea what I was going to wear so I popped in Forever 21 on Wednesday and emerged with this entire outfit! The lace kimono was £18, the printed shorts were around £15 and the peasant top was about £13.

My hat was £5 from New look and I've had all of the jewellery, the fringed bag and the converse for years. It was so hot on Friday so I was a sweaty mess by the end of the day! It was worth it to see Katy B and Chase & Status who were both fantastic live

I did plan to wear this silver turban from Ebay but it was way too hot on Friday so I put it in my bag for the evening. It came in really handy when it rained and kept my hair completely dry!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Linzi AW14 Press Day

It may be hot and sticky outside but it's already time to start thinking about what we'll be wearing come Autumn, more specifically what we'll be wearing on our feet. Linzi are a firm favourite of mine as season after season they provide high fashion footwear at low prices which is right up my street! There were so many gorgeous loafers, brogues, heels and boots on display but here are some of my favourites

There were so many styles of loafer to choose from and at only £25 a pair I'll definitely be treating myself to 2 or 3 pairs once they hit stores in August

Brogues are my favourite footwear for work and the patent ones are perfect for rainy days and also only cost £25

Linzi are also launching a real leather collection (above) for the first time which are priced at £50

I've always loved Chelsea boots and actually have a pair of the patent ones above which I lived in last winter and they only cost £35

I love that these platform heels are chunky as it means I have more of a chance of being able to walk in them! The purple ones are my favourites

We were also treated to some yummy marshmellows which always go down well!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Ibiza in Outfits

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to stay in Ibiza for my friend's hen celebrations. I loved the laid back, anything goes kind of vibe and used it as an opportunity to wear some outfits I wouldn't normally wear at home as I rarely have the occasion for them. Here is my weekend in outfits...

On Friday we landed at 4pm and as soon as we arrived at the apartments I promptly threw on my bikini, hat and sunglasses. The top is from a shop in Spain, the bottoms are from Forever 21 and the hat is from New Look

On the first night I wore a beaded top that I bought in the Topshop sale last summer, fringed shorts that were £17 in the asos sale and sandals from

On the second night we went to Zoo project which was like being at a nature themed festival. We all had our faces painted in the apartments so I decided to go for snakeskin to match my Topshop cami top. The shorts were also from Topshop and the sandals are from New Look

On Sunday we went to Ocean Beach which was my favourite day of the whole trip as we got to drink and eat in the sunshine and the music was brilliant. I got the fringed bikini top and jewel headpiece from ebay, the bottoms are from asos and the kimono and sandals are from New Look.
Despite the sleep deprivation I had a great time in Ibiza and would like to go back one day and see more of the Island