Friday, 9 March 2012

My Recent Purchases

I had a mini spend up today for the first time in ages and it's definitely boosted my mood. I shopped around for the best prices and came away with some real bargains. Sorry if it's all a bit sickly sweet, I've definitely indulged in satisfying my obsession with pastels!

This Primark jacket is my favourite. At £15 it was the cheapest of all the mint green blazers I looked at and also one of the nicest

The monocrome top underneath was around £8 and is also from Primark. 

I LOVE the ice blue colour of these £14.99 H&M jeans. I also have them in pink and they are a great fit for the price and also very comfortable

Here's another mint green marvel from Primark which cost £12. I like the girly bows on the cuffs

I spotted this shimmery top in H&M and just had to have it as I'm drawn to all things shiny. At £19.99 it's a great price for something I'll wear often this season

This baby pink bag is all the arm candy I'll need this summer and at only £12 I'm considering revisiting Primark and purchasing the mint green version too

I also tried on some lilac slipper shoes in New Look but as I have lanky feet there was an unflattering gape! Does anyone else have this problem with shoes?


  1. LOVE the mint green blazer!! Iv been eyeing them up for a while lol & that shimmery top is gorge!!

    Hayley xo

    1. Thank you! They had a pink version of the blazer too. Very tempting but I'm trying to be sensible! x

  2. How have you found so many nice thing Chelsey!! Really like all of this. Definitely going on a hunt for the mint green blazer, so so nice and will be perfect to take on holiday. Was really lovely to meet you last weekend, you're such a sweetie :) xxx

  3. Thanks Emily, I must've had a lucky shopping day! Aww, thank you! It was lovely to meet you too. Hopefully I'll see you at the next blogger meet up xxx

  4. Very nice purchase :) i'd like to buy the same :)

  5. OOO! You got great finds!
    Saw that blazer today, its got matching trousers - a pastel suit would be a great look.

    J x

  6. I love that mint blazer - I really must check out Primark!

  7. Thanks girls :)
    I didn't see the matching trousers but I bet the whole suit would look really good
    I wasn't even gonna go in Primark but so glad I did! X