Thursday, 29 January 2015

It's a Wrap

It's still cold enough to wear blanket capes so thought I'd get some more wear out of mine before Spring arrives. I love how you can just wrap it around you and get all cosy but still look fashionable. I wore my Vero Moda version on Sunday with a shirt from New Look and J Brand jeans from TK Maxx. I also thought I'd try something different with my hair so I made a deep side parting and used my Yogi curling wand to create waves. I revel any opportunity to get dressed nowadays, even if it's just to see family or pop out to get some shopping

Monday, 26 January 2015

Tartan myself up

Being unwell since early December means that most days I wear PJs, tracksuits or hospital friendly attire so I didn't get to make the most of any of the Winter trends. When I do get the chance to pop out for an hour or so I make an effort and as it's still very cold wrapping up warm is essential. Most of these pieces were bought in 2013 such as the M&S coat, Forever 21 scarf and Primark trousers but you should be able to find similar pieces in the sales if you don't already have them. The patent boots are from Zara and were £20 in the sale and the studded bag is from Steve Madden at TK Maxx

As for my health, I've been feeling really tired as I've been doing more and I still get headaches but they aren't too painful. Two nights ago I had a tingly lip which could be a partial seizure but I don't have an appointment with neurology until late March unless they decide to bring it forward once my MRI results are reported

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mad for Monochrome

Does anyone else find it really difficult to dress for this time of year? The Spring drops have already began to hit the high street and sit alongside the hangover stock from winter, which is usually in the sale but neither seems appropriate. With the new year comes a desire to start afresh and dip your toe into the new trends but the freezing temperatures and icy weather make these pieces completely impractical and inappropriate. Apart from willing the warmer months to hurry up the only solution I can find is to go for classic looks, with monochrome being a regular choice. Here are a couple of outfits that I've worn over the past week or so featuring this black and white theme

Faux fur is a cold weather essential so I squeezed three pieces featuring furry fabrics into one outfit. The sweatshirt with fur patch is from Zara, The fur lined skirt is from misguided and the jacket is a New Look number which I've had for a couple of years. The loafers are from Linzi and the bag is M&S

I bought these gingham trousers from Primark a couple of weeks ago and they'll be great for Spring with a shirt and pair of pumps. The cropped, fluffy jumper was a Topshop sale bargain and the boots are a past season buy from New Look. Being on the short side, standard high street trousers can be slightly long in the leg, especially when worn with boots. These will probably look better in the summer with a pair of chunky heels

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Making a Meal of it

I haven't been able to get out very often but last night I went for a nice meal with my family and boyfriend at Amerigo Vespucci at Canary Wharf. I had soup to start, scallops as a main course followed by creme brûlée for desert. I don't normally eat three courses but they were all quite light so it was more manageable. I had a lovely night and it helped me forget about things for a few hours. My anxiety has been bad over the past weeks, worrying about the health of myself and my family so it was a welcome distraction 

My dress was a Christmas present and it's by See By Chloe from TK Maxx Gold Label. It's so comfortable and a classic that I can see myself wearing for years to come

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Temporarily Teetotal

As the blood clots are still dispersing from my brain I have to take both anti seizure and blood thinning medication until June at the earliest. The anti seizure medication should not be taken with alcohol and the Warfarin only allows you to drink up to two units a day so until I'm in a position to stop taking the anti seizure drugs I'll be teetotal. I do miss fruity cocktails and at Christmas it felt weird not drinking baileys, a snowball or champagne but I'm just thinking of the health benefits. I also can't exercise at the moment so not being able to drink is helping me to stay slim. I still haven't been on a night out since I fell ill but I know when I feel well enough to go to bars it can be difficult being the only one who isn't drinking. Put it this way, I'm not a confident dancer without plenty of Dutch courage so I can't see myself going to clubs anytime soon! 

The picture on the left is me enjoying a mojito in Ibiza last July and the green tea on the right is the type of beverage I currently drink. What a difference! I would love to hear from anyone else who is teetotal or unable to drink for medical reasons and how it affects your life, if at all

Monday, 12 January 2015

1970 Something

The SS15 catwalks were full of 70s inspired pieces, from wide leg trousers and jeans to suede so I've attempted an early take on the look that still works in chilly January and also incorporates AW14's shearling trend

The coat is from Topshop but is a few years old. However, you should be able to pick up a shearling cover up in the sales if you don't have one already. The blouse is another piece I picked up a few years ago in Zara but pussy bow blouses should be hitting most high street stores within the next month or so. I've had my jeans for 10 years so they're practically vintage. I haven't worn them much as skinny styles suit my petite frame better so I tend to stick to those most of the time but this Spring I will try to get wear out of these bootcut beauties

The cowboy boots (just seen) are the only smart boots I have that aren't black so the only footwear I currently have to match this look but any tan or brown boots with a small, chunky heel would work. As the weather warms up just ditch the coat and add wedges

Sunday, 4 January 2015

My Last Shopping trip of 2014

I haven't been able to get out much over the past month due to being ill but I'm currently at the stage where I'm able to pop out for an hour or two with either my boyfriend or a friend or family member, providing there are no flashing lights, the noise levels aren't too loud and the place isn't too crowded. Last week I went to a local retail park to buy birthday presents for my dad and friend and a few late Christmas presents as I wasn't able to get out much before Christmas. I also treated myself to some Vichy Idealia life serum to brighten up my complexion. 

It looks like I'm wearing all black but my jumper is actually khaki and is hidden by my faux fur coat from New Look which I've had for over a year now. My skirt is also a pre season buy from Boohoo as is my studded bag from Zara. The Topshop monk shoes and faux fur scarf from New Look were both bought a few months ago. I spend most days in casual clothes for waiting around in hospital or resting at home so whenever I get the opportunity to go out I tend to make an effort

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year?

To be honest, I've never liked New Year's Eve and never really understood what there was to celebrate about a new year, especially after the comedown from Christmas. Nights out are usually an expensive let down and it's always a nightmare to get home from anywhere. As noisy, bright places and flashing lights can bring on my seizures I'm currently unable to go to bars, pubs, clubs or even parties that have strobe or disco lights so I decided to have a night in round my boyfriend's house but still get dressed up as it's something I no longer get the opportunity to do often. I actually had a really nice night and was home and in bed by 11.45 as I get tired so easily now but obviously didn't get to sleep for a while due to all the fireworks. Next year I'll either go out if I'm well enough or stay somewhere quiet where fireworks aren't allowed!

I wore a boohoo velvet two piece that I got for Christmas but it looks more like a dress! I do love the texture of velvet and the midnight blue colour of this outfit but I did feel all dressed up with nowhere to go

I used two colours from a huge Make Up Revolution palette that I got for Christmas from one of my friends. I plan to get use of every single shade and blog about the different looks that can be created using this palette so watch this space

My Dorothy style shoes are from Topshop. (£30) I do love a bit of glitter