Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year?

To be honest, I've never liked New Year's Eve and never really understood what there was to celebrate about a new year, especially after the comedown from Christmas. Nights out are usually an expensive let down and it's always a nightmare to get home from anywhere. As noisy, bright places and flashing lights can bring on my seizures I'm currently unable to go to bars, pubs, clubs or even parties that have strobe or disco lights so I decided to have a night in round my boyfriend's house but still get dressed up as it's something I no longer get the opportunity to do often. I actually had a really nice night and was home and in bed by 11.45 as I get tired so easily now but obviously didn't get to sleep for a while due to all the fireworks. Next year I'll either go out if I'm well enough or stay somewhere quiet where fireworks aren't allowed!

I wore a boohoo velvet two piece that I got for Christmas but it looks more like a dress! I do love the texture of velvet and the midnight blue colour of this outfit but I did feel all dressed up with nowhere to go

I used two colours from a huge Make Up Revolution palette that I got for Christmas from one of my friends. I plan to get use of every single shade and blog about the different looks that can be created using this palette so watch this space

My Dorothy style shoes are from Topshop. (£30) I do love a bit of glitter


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  2. I love your two-piece - its gorgeous! I have those shoes in pink, they are sooo pretty and make any outfit a lot dressier :) Happy New Year (although its a bit late..)

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX