Sunday, 31 May 2015

We Are Festival 2015

Last year I went to We Are festival for the first time and I have to say that the organisation was much better than it was this time around. I had a fun day with my friends but I think the sheer volume of people was too much for the facilities to cope with and we spent most of the day in long queues for the toilets, drinks tokens and drinks. The constant queues were making people irritable and people kept pushing in front of others because they must've thought that they were too special to wait in the queues. I enjoyed most of the music, especially Gorgon City and LoveJuice and the weather was decent so it was quite a good atmosphere but I just felt that the constant queueing,  the state of the toilets (I found condoms and suspicious white powder on the floor of one particular portaloo which also stank of vomit. Nice) the lack of respect from many other festival goers and the people who couldn't handle their drink or whatever else they had taken really let it down. I left early at around 7.30 so didn't have any trouble getting a shuttle bus back to the station but my friends who left towards the end had to queue for over an hour for taxis only to be told that there are no taxis left and they'll have to make their own way home. The ticket wasn't cheap so I didn't feel that it was good value for money and I won't be going back. I've been to quite a few festivals so know what to expect but unfortunately this was one of my worst festival experiences 

My outfit of choice for the day was a khaki pinafore dress, cut out shoulder top and choker all from Topshop with printed tights and converse. I'm glad i wore tights as it started to get chilly towards the end of the day. I also wore my fringed leather jacket which I've worn in previous blog posts

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Little Red

Last night I went to my friend Dave's leaving drinks near where I used to work and it was really nice to get out, see some old friendly faces and catch up. As the weather has been so changeable and I had a bad carb day yesterday (a 12 inch pizza and a burger in one day, the shame!) I struggled to find something to wear. in the end I opted for my trusty red jumpsuit from asos which is so comfortable it's almost like wearing a glamorous onesie.

These metallic Primark flatforms also got their first outing and I have to say, they're much easier to walk in than wedges but provide much needed height. my white jacket is an old misguided fave and the bag is from M&S. I felt a bit like I was missing out on the fun as I still can't drink alcohol but a few glasses of coke provided enough energy for me to last a few hours. So much so that i didn't fall asleep until about 2am so think I'll stick to lemonade next time!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Line Up

Stripes have always been in my wardrobe and I'm partial to anything with a nautical twist so I'm glad that striped pieces are one of this season's main trends and are readily available all over the high street. I picked up this cute dress from New Look (£20) last week and I love the flattering thin stripes and overlay top detail. I wore it with these gorgeous gold lace up sandals from primark (£10) This is a comfortable but stylish dress that I can see myself getting quite a bit of wear out of

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Live Shoot with ghd and Elle

When the first email about the live shoot popped up I could barely contain my excitement and reserved my ticket straight away as I've always wanted to peek behind the scenes of a photo shoot for a major fashion magazine. I've also been using my ghd hair straighteners since the mid noughties and nothing else tames my unruly hair quite like them so I was eager to see what new product they were launching.

Unfortunately, the event didn't quite live up to the hype. In the week leading up to the event I emailed the organiser twice asking if it was a drop in event or if you needed to be there by 11 to get in but I received no reply. I also tweeted and ghd were kind enough to get back to me and send me a link for further information about the event but sadly this didn't answer my question. Due to this lack of clarity I think the majority arrived by 11 just in case they wouldn't be allowed in after this time so the queue was rather large to say the least! I arrived at around 11.20 and started talking to three lovely  girls who I will keep in touch with and hopefully see again soon so at least I made some new friends whilst queuing! To their credit the organisers were apologetic and handed out free coconut water, popcorn and hairspray to those waiting in the queue. After 2 1/2 hours we finally got into the venue but could hardly see anything as it was so crowded. If you wanted to get your hair styled there were long queues and we were told that the nail slots had run out so I just tried to get the best photos that I could then left after only about 5 minutes as we weren't sure what else to do. The best shot I managed to get was from outside the venue just after we left which was of one of the models having her hair preened for photographs

Despite the event not quite living up to expectations the product itself; the ghd Platinum styling device which is designed to prevent hair slippage and give you the control to create a variety of styles is definitely on my wish list! If I can get my hair to look even close to the models' immaculate locks I'll be over the moon so I definitely plan to try it in the future

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fringing Frenzy

Fringing and tassels are my favourite detail at the moment as I love the laid-back boho vibe that they add to any look. My faux suede Zara jacket with fringed hem (£30) got its second outing on Sunday as it's relaxed and comfortable but also stylish. I wore it with lace up sandals from Primark, (£10) cropped trousers from New Look (£20) and a Primark T-shirt with ombre fringing which I've had for about 2 years. The bag is a few years old and was bought from a stall at the Clotheshow live 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Olly gets my Vote

From the moment Olly Murs and his snake hips appeared on my TV screen a major crush was ignited. During his stint on the X Factor I was single and with his cheeky chappy character and killer dance moves he was my ideal man. I've waited 5 years to see him live but I was in my element on Tuesday night when I saw him perform at the O2. He was a great singer, dancer and true entertainer so I'd definitely go and see him again

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Crying at the Bistrotheque

My friend Sarah often introduces me to great local places and Bistrotheque was no exception. I tried their cooked breakfast yesterday for brunch and it was very tasty, especially the layered potato. I couldn't resist trying the creme brûlée for dessert so left the restaurant afterwards walking like John Wayne as my jeans were digging into my hips! It was definitely worth it though

I went for a bit of a 70s look yesterday with flared Ralph Lauren jeans which I've had for 10 years, tan boots and khaki shirt from New Look, fringed bag from H&M and faux leather jacket with fringing from misguided (both at least 2 years old) I love it when trends come around again and you can recycle your clothes. For the food pics check out my Instagram account; @ChelseyPrentice