Sunday, 31 May 2015

We Are Festival 2015

Last year I went to We Are festival for the first time and I have to say that the organisation was much better than it was this time around. I had a fun day with my friends but I think the sheer volume of people was too much for the facilities to cope with and we spent most of the day in long queues for the toilets, drinks tokens and drinks. The constant queues were making people irritable and people kept pushing in front of others because they must've thought that they were too special to wait in the queues. I enjoyed most of the music, especially Gorgon City and LoveJuice and the weather was decent so it was quite a good atmosphere but I just felt that the constant queueing,  the state of the toilets (I found condoms and suspicious white powder on the floor of one particular portaloo which also stank of vomit. Nice) the lack of respect from many other festival goers and the people who couldn't handle their drink or whatever else they had taken really let it down. I left early at around 7.30 so didn't have any trouble getting a shuttle bus back to the station but my friends who left towards the end had to queue for over an hour for taxis only to be told that there are no taxis left and they'll have to make their own way home. The ticket wasn't cheap so I didn't feel that it was good value for money and I won't be going back. I've been to quite a few festivals so know what to expect but unfortunately this was one of my worst festival experiences 

My outfit of choice for the day was a khaki pinafore dress, cut out shoulder top and choker all from Topshop with printed tights and converse. I'm glad i wore tights as it started to get chilly towards the end of the day. I also wore my fringed leather jacket which I've worn in previous blog posts


  1. Oh dear, sounds like a bit of a disappointing day out. Well, at least you enjoyed some of the music! Every cloud and all that. On the plus side, I love your outfit. Khaki's a gorgeous colour on you and loving the pinafore style dress x

    1. It was a shame but if anything I got to wear a festival outfit so all is not lost! Thanks, I do love khaki x

    2. Precisely! And love your lipstick too. Lovely colour on you x