Sunday, 7 June 2015

Make mine a Shloer

I've got to the age now when get togethers at friend's houses are often more fun than nights in bars and clubs and last night was no exception. It was one of my best friends' husband's birthday so we had a few drinks at their house (make mine a shloer!) I had a great time and got to play DJ for the night as they asked me to make a playlist which is one of my favourite ways to pass time. I'm feeling a bit bloated at the moment which could be down to having Nando's twice in one week and my love for fizzy drinks so i went for a long, floaty shirt from New Look to cover the bulge as best as I can. I love the boho paisley print, the soft cotton and you can't go wrong for £19.99. I wore it with my trusty jeggings from Uniqlo, Linzi loafers and favourite jacket at the moment; the Zara fringed number. 

It was my latest night since i've been ill so i'm feeling rough today and also feel like i'm coming down with something but the tiredness is worth it as it was the best night I've had in ages

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