Monday, 25 January 2016

The End of Fashionista on a Budget?

I wouldn't call myself a 'fashionista' anymore. In fact, I don't know if I ever was one to be honest! I've always loved fashion and get excited about the latest trends and I believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone which is how the name of my blog came about. But personally, I feel that my life has and is continuing to change significantly since starting this blog back in 2010.

Back then I had a full time job and an exciting life, full of outfit opportunities. Nowadays I still have the bursting wardrobe but my most worn items are pyjamas, tracksuits and gym wear. I occasionally venture out to places that warrant a decent outfit but these occasions are now few and far between. I also go to far fewer events nowadays and will attend even less when I move out of London over the next few months. With the current saturation of blogs I also feel like my blog is outdated and that I need to up my game and start afresh.

Subjects to blog about are becoming more limited and I have to admit that I've struggled over the past year or so. A variety of factors have contributed towards me losing my mojo and blogging sometimes can be a chore. I'm even tempted to give up completely but I would miss being part of the community and sharing my thoughts so instead, I will continue blogging at but my posts will be more personal and about a variety of subjects rather than prodominantly focused on what I'm wearing. My blog gradually began to change direction some time ago anyway and I don't feel that my blog title always reflects my posts anymore. 

Therefore, I plan to have a short blogging break whilst I visit my grandparents in Spain from later this week until early February. Then I will make the final decision on what to do about my blog but it's likely that Fashionista on a Budget will be no more. The blogging world is changing so fast and I need to adapt and attempt to catch up with it or else get left behind


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