Wednesday, 13 January 2016

January Purchases

Since falling ill back in late 2014 and quitting my office job in July 2015 my everyday style has become much more casual. I still like getting dressed up occasionally but if I'm going shopping, have a hospital appointment or just going round my boyfriend's house I like to be comfortable. As a teenager I was obsessed with trainers and over the past few months my love of them has been reignited. I went from having one gym pair to two for the gym only and 3 for everything else. I've wanted a pair of Adidas Stan Smith's for a while so when I saw these in Footlocker my Christmas money was wiped out instantly! At £69.99 they are much more expensive than similar styles were back when I was a teenager (why didn't I keep some pairs from years ago just in case?!) but I plan to get my monies worth out of these metallic wonders. They do come up slightly small at the front which I didn't notice in the shop but they aren't too small to wear. I'd maybe advise that you go half a size up if you can

I also picked up some new gym trainers from Sports Direct which were from the kid's section and only cost £19! I've already worn them for the gym and they do the job nicely

I also had a sort out of my underwear drawer and replaced some uncomfortable knickers with 5 pairs of Victoria's secret Hiphuggers, bikini and high leg briefs which are the most comfortable styles

These are mostly practical items but I plan to treat myself to a few new season pieces once the new trends hit the stores sometime next month so watch this space