Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What a Difference a day makes

The weather in London today is cold, rainy and miserable. It makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea or a pot noodle! Who would've thought that I had to wear sun cream yesterday whilst having a BBQ in the garden and that I actually got burnt on Saturday as it was a scorcher. I'm glad we at least had some nice weather. On Saturday I wore my new Green skirt from Primark (£12) Which is so comfortable and hangs really well so it looks much more expensive. I'm hoping it will wash up well too. I also wore a lace top from next (£23) which has turned out to be a really versatile buy as it goes with pretty much everything. The annoying this is that I often find I look better in the mirror than I do in photos and the camera always seems to lighten my skin my a couple of shades. Does anyone else find that?
P.S. Please excuse the jungle that is our garden!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Feeling Restless

Ever been in that mood where you don't quite know what to do with yourself? That's mostly how I've felt this weekend. I went from having two nights out planned to zero nights out planned because I cancelled Friday night cocktails as I didn't feel too great and the weather was awful and my friends could no longer make Saturday night drinks. I also don't feel like drinking lately as it makes me feel so sluggish and unhealthy but I know that this teetotal stage won't last long! I went to my boyfriend's house yesterday and all we did was take his dog for a walk. I love spending time with him but when the weather is nice I get a strong urge to get out there, put on a nice outfit and do something fun. I was so jealous of all the people I know who went to We Are Festival and couldn't help thinking that I was missing out. I often feel like this and I don't think sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter help as they remind you of the fun other people are having whilst you sit indoors. I want to do something nice with my boyfriend today and get out of the house but I have no idea what. Crowds stress me out so that writes off most places!

The silver lining is that I have a very successful shopping trip yesterday morning at Westfield Stratford. I hadn't been shopping for weeks which meant that I went a bit mad and picked up loads of bits from Primark, Lush and H&M. I'm wearing some of my new purchases below...

Top: H&M £6.99, Trousers: Primark: £9, Jewellery: Primark
I am really getting into printed loose trousers as they are so comfortable and allow for extra room of you go overboard with food and cocktails. Perfect!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Holiday Blues

Let's face it, in the UK we only get about 10 warm and sunny days without any rain and most of them are spent in work. One of the problems with our climate and always feeling the cold is that there are lots of trends and clothes that I don't get to wear because I get too chilly. I often see the jumper with shorts look in magazines and blogs but all I can think about is the dreaded leg draft that I would have to put up with if I wore such an outfit. I might love fashion but I'm also pretty practical and hate being uncomfortable. Therefore, I'm often covered up.

With this in mind, I thought that my recent holiday to Spain would be a great opportunity to wear some of my summer pieces. Sadly, I was wrong. The weather was much better than it's been in England but a breeze that was typically unusual for this time of year left me shivering. It was a nice break from work and lovely to see my Grandparents who live there but I couldn't help but feel disappointed. Here are my attempts at some summery outfits...
Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Primark (both bought last summer)

Shirt: Forever 21, Jeans: Zara
Top: Forever 21, Trousers: Primark (past season)

Dress: Miss Selfridge sale bargain last year

Dress: TK Maxx (Around £17)
Due to the weather, I haven't got much of a tan but my skin has gone from a milkbottle shade to a very milky coffee colour which is an improvement. I go back to work tomorrow so definitely have the holiday blues

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Fringe Benefits

I do like a bit of fringing and would one day like to go to a fancy dress party as a cowgirl, complete with daisy dukes, a checked shirt, fringed jacket and cowboy boots, so I bought into the Western vibe with a fringed jacket from Missguided. (around £50) I thought it would be perfect for festivals as you can't rely on the British weather and it tends to get chilly in the evenings. For lunch and sun cream shopping with the boy yesterday I decided to throw it over my blue midi dress which was an ebay find and of course, short cowboy boots from New Look

I had a lovely meal in the Parlour over Canary Wharf but steered clear of the cocktails this time as I didn't want to be hungover whilst packing my suitcase this morning

Saturday, 11 May 2013

In Holiday Mode

In 3 days time I will be in Spain visiting my Grandparents with my boyfriend and I'm really looking forward to it. However, it does mean that there won't be any blog posts from me until I get back as I see a holiday as a break from everything. My phone goes off and I'm definitely not the type to tweet from my sun lounger

Anyway, Last night I went for a few drinks for my old work colleague, Graham's 50th. It was really nice to catch up with some old friends and have a strawberry cider. My statement collar lime green Missguided shirt got it's second outing as did my stripy (footlocker employee) Forever 21 jeans

I have to dress smart for work so at the weekends I love to go to town with colour and prints. I did get a few funny looks on my journey to the pub but it doesn't put me off making bold fashion choices. I can see myself still wearing bright outfits when I'm a pensioner! Drab just isn't me

Here I am with my friends Kayleigh and Shirley. In case anyone is interested, my lipstick is from Barry M and looks much brighter in real life

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tourist for the day

I was born and bred in London but have never really paid much attention to the buildings around me until recently. There are some real landmarks in London and some great scenery so I thought I'd use it as a backdrop when I can. The first picture was taken yesterday near Bankside along the River Thames. The weather was pretty warm but I'm the type that always feels the cold so I wore white jeans from Next which I've had for about 4 years with a tropical print shirt that I bought from a local market last summer. My sandals were from the Topshop sale last summer. I had a lovely day with my boyfriend wandering around then getting a Thames Clipper to Canary Wharf to have dinner in the Royal China

I also thought I'd have some pictures in front of the original Canary Wharf tower as it's a great contrast against the blue sky

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mad for monochrome

After trying to resist the lure of disco pants for over a year I finally caved and bought a pair. I love how they make my legs and bum look half decent and I feel a bit like Sandy post make-over in Grease. (Tell me about it, stud) However, my ever increasing tummy proved problematic when it came to zipping them up. It took a few attempts and when I was finally in them breathing became difficult. I think I'm getting to the age now where I'm starting to put on weight so I need to give myself a kick up my lazy bum and do something about it.

When I was unemployed I used to go to Zumba classes which I really enjoyed despite having no rhythm whatsoever and moving left when everyone else moved right. Sadly, the classes start at 6 on a Thursday so I wouldn't be able to get there in time from work. There is an aerobics style class after this at 7 which I need to start going to soon even though it's a killer and leaves me unable to walk for the next 3 days. No pain, no gain right?

Anyway, here I am in my disco pants from missguided with my Forever 21 stripy shirt. I did ask my friend to take a full length picture but she only managed to get up to my thighs. I felt silly asking her for another picture as I had an audience in the pub probably thinking I was really vain getting my friend to take pictures of me on my own. #BloggersProblems