Sunday, 26 May 2013

Feeling Restless

Ever been in that mood where you don't quite know what to do with yourself? That's mostly how I've felt this weekend. I went from having two nights out planned to zero nights out planned because I cancelled Friday night cocktails as I didn't feel too great and the weather was awful and my friends could no longer make Saturday night drinks. I also don't feel like drinking lately as it makes me feel so sluggish and unhealthy but I know that this teetotal stage won't last long! I went to my boyfriend's house yesterday and all we did was take his dog for a walk. I love spending time with him but when the weather is nice I get a strong urge to get out there, put on a nice outfit and do something fun. I was so jealous of all the people I know who went to We Are Festival and couldn't help thinking that I was missing out. I often feel like this and I don't think sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter help as they remind you of the fun other people are having whilst you sit indoors. I want to do something nice with my boyfriend today and get out of the house but I have no idea what. Crowds stress me out so that writes off most places!

The silver lining is that I have a very successful shopping trip yesterday morning at Westfield Stratford. I hadn't been shopping for weeks which meant that I went a bit mad and picked up loads of bits from Primark, Lush and H&M. I'm wearing some of my new purchases below...

Top: H&M £6.99, Trousers: Primark: £9, Jewellery: Primark
I am really getting into printed loose trousers as they are so comfortable and allow for extra room of you go overboard with food and cocktails. Perfect!

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