Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Check Mate

I've had a strange problem with my right ear since sunday and I constantly hear whooshing that is in line with my heartbeat and gets louder if I bend down to pick something up or move suddenly. As I've had some flu-type symptoms aswell the nurse I saw today thinks it's due to a blocked tube in my ear. I just hope it goes away soon! Has anyone ever had anything similar?

Before my ear started driving me insane I went to visit my grandparents in Kent and gave my George at asda checked skirt an outing. I know it cost less than £15 which is pretty bargainous and I love the zip details (very punk)

Unfortunately, I was having a bad (fluffy) hair day so my hair isn't looking its best in these pictures. I blame the rain. My T-shirt is from Uniqlo which is great for basics and my boots and necklace are both from New Look 

Friday, 25 October 2013

Clothes are a Welcome Distraction

Does anyone else have a full time job and struggle to balance this with blogging, a relationship, a social life and other commitments? This is my life on a daily basis! I would love to be able to blog daily but time is definitely an issue aswell as content. Nobody has time to take a pre-work outfit picture of me at 8am and I don't have time to upload them every night and write about them. Also some days, my work outfits are less than inspired and not good enough to go on the blog.

Work has been quite stressful lately and a good friend of mine has just lost a close family member so morale isn't exactly high at the moment. I like to escape by making exciting purchases, putting outfits together and painting my nails; just little girly things that make you feel better about yourself and give you a boost. My tartan/checks obsession continues to reign supreme so last weekend I wore a checked flannel shirt from New Look which I bought about 4 years ago with a faux leather skater skirt from boohoo which I bought last winter. It's all about recycling items when you can and I love a trend that lasts more than one season as you get more for your money.

I wore this outfit to wander around a local market in the rain but it was worth it for the bargains I got! One of them was this pink crombie coat which was an unbelievable £20

I will need to wear a thick jumper and large scarf with it once the chill sets in but at such a reasonable price, I can't really complain

Saturday, 19 October 2013


I think the best word to describe my current addiction to all things tartan is Tartanitis. There's just something uplifting and reassuring about the check which keeps me coming back for more. I prefer the red versions but I also have some monocrome and green and purple varieties which I love. My latest tartan outfit was this little bargain from Primark (£15)

I went for a few drinks as one of my old work colleagues is leaving the company I used to work for and I had such a laugh catching up with everyone. Not content with the music played in the bar we started singing old skool garage songs, as you do

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pink Lady

Pink is such a pretty colour, especially the pale and candy coloured shades and Topshop have some great pieces in store at the moment. I couldn't resist this high-necked top (£32) and decided to wear it last night for a friend's 21st with faux leather trousers (£19) from Forever 21 and New Look cut out boots. My necklace is also from Topshop

I also wore a bit of foundation for the first time in ages. I can't wear it often as it gives me spots but I had a sample of Chanel Perfection Luminere which I got free in a magazine, (result!) so I applied some over Smashbox Photofinish primer for a more polished look than usual

Saturday, 5 October 2013

They see me Haulin', they Hatin'...

The problem with being a fashion blogger is that it gives me an excuse to shop more than usual. Not content with 2 wardrobes full of clothes along with plastic bags piled on top of them I'm always on the hunt for my next fashion fix. With so many fashionable bargains to be had on the British High Street hauls become a regular occurrence, especially in Primark where I often pop in for a couple of bits and emerge with a bag full of pieces that I couldn't resist. I'm tempted to slap myself with a spending ban but I know it will only last about a week as the lure of the shops prove too strong, especially when I see some covetable pieces on blogs which make me want to reach for the purse and part with my well earned cash. Today I did my typical popping into Primark routine and came out with some purse friendly delights below...

If you've read my blog or tweets before you'll know that I'm mad about tartan! There's just something about it and when I saw this cute little dress (£15) it was love at first sight. It will look perfect with either knee high socks or tights with cut-out ankle boots

Chunky knits are a bitter British winter essential and I love this lilac/dove grey shade which will look fab with anything in Autumn/Winters blush pink 'it' shade. (£8)

I imagine this paisley bolero jacket can be thrown over something simple and instantly make it look smart and pulled together so it will be perfect for work

I also bought some tartan trousers which I will do a post featuring soon so watch this space