Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Check Mate

I've had a strange problem with my right ear since sunday and I constantly hear whooshing that is in line with my heartbeat and gets louder if I bend down to pick something up or move suddenly. As I've had some flu-type symptoms aswell the nurse I saw today thinks it's due to a blocked tube in my ear. I just hope it goes away soon! Has anyone ever had anything similar?

Before my ear started driving me insane I went to visit my grandparents in Kent and gave my George at asda checked skirt an outing. I know it cost less than £15 which is pretty bargainous and I love the zip details (very punk)

Unfortunately, I was having a bad (fluffy) hair day so my hair isn't looking its best in these pictures. I blame the rain. My T-shirt is from Uniqlo which is great for basics and my boots and necklace are both from New Look 

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