Friday, 25 October 2013

Clothes are a Welcome Distraction

Does anyone else have a full time job and struggle to balance this with blogging, a relationship, a social life and other commitments? This is my life on a daily basis! I would love to be able to blog daily but time is definitely an issue aswell as content. Nobody has time to take a pre-work outfit picture of me at 8am and I don't have time to upload them every night and write about them. Also some days, my work outfits are less than inspired and not good enough to go on the blog.

Work has been quite stressful lately and a good friend of mine has just lost a close family member so morale isn't exactly high at the moment. I like to escape by making exciting purchases, putting outfits together and painting my nails; just little girly things that make you feel better about yourself and give you a boost. My tartan/checks obsession continues to reign supreme so last weekend I wore a checked flannel shirt from New Look which I bought about 4 years ago with a faux leather skater skirt from boohoo which I bought last winter. It's all about recycling items when you can and I love a trend that lasts more than one season as you get more for your money.

I wore this outfit to wander around a local market in the rain but it was worth it for the bargains I got! One of them was this pink crombie coat which was an unbelievable £20

I will need to wear a thick jumper and large scarf with it once the chill sets in but at such a reasonable price, I can't really complain

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  1. ooh that coat is gorgeous and don't feel guilty about not posting daily, i have nothing to do but blog at the moment and i still hardly ever post! x