Sunday, 29 January 2012

Blazer of Glory

Last night I went to a Chinese Karaoke restaurant for my friend's birthday and had such a good night. So good that I'm losing my voice and can barely speak now. I decided to wear the Lipsy top I got for Christmas with my classic black H&M blazer and American Apparel wet-look leggings. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Green Goddess

I am loving the bright colours that are currently in fashion and one of my favourites is green.
On Friday night I went for drinks with friends and decided to wear a green chiffon dress from Forever 21 which cost around £23.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to have the usual full length picture taken of myself before I went out so I had to post this one and crop my friend out of it as she thought she looked too pale! Damn camera flashes

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Casual Chic

At this time of year it's difficult to wear the cute, feminine clothes that I love so I replace them with jeans, quirky tops and chunky knits. My entire outfit is from Topshop and I'm wearing my favourite comfy Baxter jeans which I will keep until they fall apart (unless I put on loads of weight!)

I wore this ensemble for a brief shopping trip as it's cosy and comfortable. The T-shirt features a glitter lightning bolt and it can be dressed up or down. The arran knit is a striking bright blue but the dim lighting in the picture doesn't do it justice. 

I do apologise for the boring backgrounds and less than great quality photos. I don't have the best camera and I usually get family members or friends to take them as it's difficult to set up times to meet with photographers. I only know two personally and would need to find a gap in their busy schedules to take photos. It would mean that my blog wouldn't be updated regularly so the less than perfect pictures have to go up! I like to think it adds a sense of realness and a down to Earth quality which is what my blog is all about. 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Friends, food & cocktails

Yesterday I went to TGI Fridays over the O2 to celebrate my friend Charly's birthday. We had a lovely meal, washed down with a few of their delicious cocktails and it was one of the funniest evenings I've had for a long time. Just what I needed. I didn't get dressed up due to the bitter cold, but I decided to give my Versace for H&M scarf an outing. I love the bright print and it livened up my basic outfit of a black top and a pair of jeans

Friday, 13 January 2012

The battle to break into the magazine industry. Will I ever get there and will it be worth it?

I thought I'd post something different today and tell you all about my ambitions and struggles to achieve them. Although I look like a student, I'm actually 25. I graduated from the University of East London in 2009 with a degree in Media and Creative Industries and high hopes for a career in magazines. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out like that. 

I left uni in the middle of a recession, so rather than trying to find the job of my dreams or one that was close I decided to stay at the insurance company where I worked during my studying years. I stayed there for 2 whole years before I decided that if I didn't leave now and follow my dreams I never would. I'm not getting any younger afterall. That was over 6 months ago and it seems I'm not much closer to my dream now than I was then. I managed to secure two weeks work experience at Aceville Publications which I really enjoyed and it led me to meet some lovely people. Unfortunately, the offices are far away from home and the price of train tickets are pretty hefty when you're not earning any money, so when they asked me to go back for further work experience I had to decline. Since then I've contacted countless magazines for internships and haven't had any luck and I am now in the position where I can perhaps work unpaid for up to a month but will need paid work after that as my savings are running out. 

So, it will seem that I'm at a crossroads. Do I continue to chase the dream of writing for a magazine or concentrate on getting another insurance job that will allow me to carry on living my life and save to eventually move out? As I said earlier, I'm not getting any younger. That said, I am finding that even insurance jobs are thin on the ground and I haven't even secured any interviews yet. I am part of the lost generation and being unemployed can be demoralising. Most days there is rarely a reason to get out of bed but my family, boyfriend, friends and having my blog to update keep me going. The thought of interviews also scare me. I've never been the most confident person but once I'm given a chance I can succeed and prove to everyone what I can do. I'm just waiting for that chance...

I would love to hear from you all. Is anyone else in a similar situation to me? Has anyone been there but managed to get through it and land a great job in the end? Your comments are much appreciated

Monday, 9 January 2012

Lady who Lunches

As I'm currently unemployed, opportunities to dress up or even get dressed are rare. Sadly I spend most of my days in old tracksuits and pyjamas but when I get the chance to go out I like to be on trend but with my own unique edge added. Today I met a friend for lunch and decided to go for something comfortable.

The cardigan is a Primark bargain that I've had for a couple of years. To keep warm a wore a basic long sleeved top underneath it. My berry coloured jeans are from Forever 21, cost around £25 and are so comfortable. I completed the look with my trusty River Island ankle boots

I think it's a bit of a teen look and even though I'm in my 20's I'm trying to get away with fun dressing for as long as I can!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

January Jewels

January is a month of new beginnings and a time when we begin to look forward and think about items will want to buy and wear in Spring. It's also a quiet, dull time of year when most are on a comedown from the high of Christmas and New Year and are likely to crave a little something to cheer them up. That little something is a trinket or two from It's the brainchild of my friend Layla who makes her own pretty and very wearable jewellery. The website has some lovely pieces and the two bracelets below will be on sale soon.

 This leather bracelet with metal charm is simple but stylish and it is adjustable to fit any wrist. It's the type of piece that you can start wearing now and it will see you through to Spring and Summer.

This leather wrap bracelet transports me to a sun drenched beach and will be perfect to wear in the summer or on holiday. It is designed to wrap around the wrist three times and is made from cream leather, wooden beads and a button. It would look perfect with a white dress or suit and also the pastel colours emerging in the S/S 2012 looks. A great amount of work has gone into the jewellery and the quality is fantastic for the cost.

So, why not treat yourself or a friend to a January pick me up? The website has much more on offer so you're bound to find something that suits your tastes and budget.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beaded Lady

On New Year's Eve I chose to wear a beaded dress by Love Label which has a 1920s feel to it. It was a Christmas gift that I mentioned in a previous post. I absolutely love the dress with its intricate beading and demure cut. It's heavier and more expensive looking than my other dresses and I'll treasure it for years to come.

I went for simple stud earrings and a cocktail ring to let the dress speak for itself. My mum does have good taste when it comes to Christmas presents!

I had a fantastic night at Beech Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch and started the year as I mean to go on; with a smile on my face and wearing an outfit that makes me feel fabulous.

Monday, 2 January 2012

My fail safe items: Dresses

Everyone has a few key items in their wardrobe that they tend to wear again and again. I find that some of my dresses are most versatile and they stay in fashion for years to come. Here are my favourites

I bought this white lace dress from Topshop in 2009 and it's served me very well. From Wimbledon to Christmas drinks (above) it can be worn for almost any occasion and is transformed with tights, a belt and a jacket. I love the girly fabric and flattering shape and always feel comfortable in this dress.

This peasant style dress from New Look is another winner. I love how the fabric sits and the fact that it never needs ironing. (always a bonus) It can be worn in summer or winter and is a classic, feminine colour.

Excuse the dodgy pose in this pic but this leopard print warehouse dress has served me very well. It can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down with a blazer for work. I'm a massive fan of leopard print anyway but I think that this version looks glamorous and expensive compared to other prints that I've seen

This LBD from New Look takes on a different style every time I wear it. Here, I've teamed it with a white shirt to create the collar and a belt to cinch in my waist but it can be worn on it's own for a simple and stylish look or layered over a polo neck to make it more casual.

What are your fail safe items? Are you a sucker for dresses or do you prefer separates?