Thursday, 13 August 2015

Mini Primark Haul; August 2015

There have been times when Primark has been my go to place for on trend pieces but I definitely shop there much less than I used to. However, I occasionally get the urge to pop in and pick up a few bargains which I did yesterday before visiting my Grandad in hospital in Margate. I have a lot on my mind at the moment so stocking up on a few items to take me into the new season helped take my mind off things for a bit. Here is what I bought...

Camel is set to be a key colour for Autumn so I couldn't resist this faux suede skirt (£8) that will look great with a blouse or roll neck.

There's nothing like a pair of comfy trousers and the boho chick within me loves the vintage inspired print on this pair. (£8)

This printed blouse (£12) also appeals to my inner bohemian and I love the lace up neckline. This will look fab with flares and a fluffy gillet

I love a fringed bag so much that my last black version was falling apart due to overuse! This is a great replacement and also comes in tan and cream (£12)

How cute are these Winnie the Pooh PJs? (£8) I always feel hot when I'm trying to sleep so much prefer short sleepwear to long sleeves and bottoms. I also bought some jelly sweets for my grandad and two pairs of leggings for my sister. I had to be restrained seeing as I'm not working at the moment but there was so much more I could've bought!


  1. Omg! I love that tan skirt and the fringed bag. xx