Saturday, 8 August 2015

Putting on The Ritz

It's not often that I get to go to posh places but to celebrate my uncle's 50th Birthday we went for afternoon tea at The Ritz today. The atmosphere was very enjoyable with a harp player in the background and very decadent, glamorous surroundings. It was nice to be somewhere with so much history and tradition. I don't eat sandwiches as I'm a fusspot but I enjoyed the raspberry macaroons, mini pastries, scones and mini chocolate cake, all washed down with the nicest cup of tea I've ever had and a few sips of champagne.

The dress code was formal so I opted for a rust coloured wide leg jumpsuit with a rope tie at the waist which I got from asos 5 years ago. I wore Primark wedges to add much needed height and a jacket from H&M as the top felt a bit low cut for me so I needed to cover up!


  1. You looked absolutely beautiful and what a treat!! xx

  2. the jumpsuit is so fab! shame you got it 5 years ago lol i doubt i'll be able to find it now.

  3. Tea at the Ritz has always been on my to-do list -hopefully one day! x

    1. It's definitely worth going and about the same cost as a night out! x

  4. looks lovely - so jealous that you got to go there! lovely outfit! where are your sandals from?!