Friday, 21 June 2013

Zara & Victoria's Secret Sale Haul

So, I vowed not to buy any more summer clothes apart from festival wear but the temptation of the sales forced me to break that promise!

There has been quite a hype over the Zara sale which started today and the Westfield Stratford branch was pretty manic so it wasn't easy to look through everything but I picked up a few pieces. The discounts are roughly £10 at the moment so you're not exactly getting a bargain but it has levelled the items to prices that I'm more willing to pay for them. 

I've wanted this quilted, jewel collar top for a while and it was reduced from £39.99 to £29.99 which was the perfect excuse to snap it up. The only problem is I can imagine wearing it once, getting all sweaty then not being able to put it in the washing machine and never getting around to hand washing or dry cleaning it just like the other hand wash or dry clean only items in my wardrobe

I love the print of these trousers and the style is usually so comfortable. They were reduced from £29.99 to £22.99 so not much of a reduction but I really like the trousers and under £25 isn't bad.

I picked up these beauties whilst waiting in the (very long) queue for the till. I love the different coloured studs, especially the neon ones

This bag is very me; roomy and studded and reduced from £69.99 to £39.99. It's also real suede which makes it even better value

After emptying my purse in Zara I planned to avoid more shopping but then I walked past Victoria's secret. I have always been a fan of their cotton knickers in cute colours and prints so I bought 5 pairs and I also wanted a pair of tracksuit bottoms (mostly for around the house or when I eventually start going to the gym) so I picked up a pair for £19.50, reduced from £42

Have any of you grabbed any bargains in the sales recently?


  1. I wanted that studded bag from zara so badly!! Great picks :) xx

    1. Thanks, hope you manage to get one of the bags! Xx

  2. I also bought those Zara trousers in the sale (I'm thinking comfy for days in Uni), along with some flat studded shoes and a gorgeous polka dot zipped shirt!

    I do love Zara, but can only really justify buying their stuff when they have a sale on - as gorgeous as their clothing etc is, I just can't justify paying their original prices for some of the pieces!

    Looks like a great haul, and I am sooo in love with those Zara flats!

    Rachel X