Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Stifled Creative In A Corporate World

I've probably mentioned it before, but rather than having a creative fashion or writing related job, I actually work in insurance. It's the area I have the most experience in and the only type of job I could get but I hold out hope that one day I will be closer to my dream job. It's just hard when so many obstacles get in the way and I'm not getting any younger!

I still let my personal style shine through at work even though I'm somewhat restricted. I'd love to be more casual some days and wear jeans and converse but sadly the dress code doesn't allow it. Luckily, I like the tailored look but I put my stamp on it with bright colours, prints and different textures. On Thursday I wore the outfit below

My blazer is from a local market, my shirt is from missguided and my trousers are from Primark (£16)
How do you put your own stamp on your work wear?


  1. Good luck with the job hunting and I have my fingers crossed for you!

    Looking lovely, as always! X

  2. I feel that I'm a stifled creative in the retail world! Although blogging and other side projects make it easier! I like the jacket you're wearing in this pic. Good tailoring and beautiful prints are definitely the best options for workwear! x