Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer Knits

As all of you who live in the UK know, 'Summer' can include wind, rain, a chilly breeze and general weather misery so the typical summer wardrobe is never enough. I'm sure we had better summers when I was a kid and didn't need so many jumpers and coats but that's global warming for you. Yes, I know I sound old.

Anyway, an essential part of any girl's summer wardrobe has to be a fine knit, preferably in a bright or pastel, summery colour. I own a few summer knits but my favourite has to be the H&M one below, which only cost £7.99 and is a coral neon colour. Neon seems to make my whole body do a little dance and believe me, this really is something as everyone who knows me will tell you I rarely dance and tend to shuffle around self-consciously on the dance floor before giving up and looking at my phone instead. Well, you get the picture, I LOVE neon

I wore my jumper over a neon T-Shirt from H&M (£6.99) and with my lace print Kelly Brook for New Look jeans which were a Christmas present and next pumps (around £30) I have no idea what I'm going to do with all my neon pieces when it goes out of fashion


  1. We have to make sure neon will not go out of style = SIMPLES! :) I love it too! X

  2. Haha, good idea. We'll have to rebel about it going out of fashion and carry on wearing it well into A/W! x