Thursday, 27 June 2013

June Treats

Every week I will buy at least one little treat, whether it's a lipstick, nail varnish, handbag, top or pair of shoes. Over the past week, I've gone a bit overboard with the treats and thought I'd post my recent purchases. Below are some pictures of what I have been splashing the cash on. I'm blogging from the blogger app for iPad tonight. Does anyone else find that when you add pictures it just bunches them all together and doesn't let you write text in between them? For this reason I'll write about each item before adding the pictures.

When I was 10 I had a pair of silver leather Dr Marten boots which I adored. They looked like space boots and I loved jumping around on the bouncy soles. In an attempt to relive my childhood, I bought a royal blue patent pair from EBay (£70) to mostly wear at festivals and on rainy days. (So, most of summer then)

I am a huge fan of handbags and think you can never have too many unless you run out of storage space, which is happening to me at the moment! I've wanted one if those big Zara it-bags for a while so when a studded one went down to £39.99 in the sale I had to have it. I somehow managed to scratch it after one day, probably because its so big and bashes into or scrapes past everything and everyone but I will just hold the scratched side against my body. Problem solved

My favourite make up is often a lip colour as it can really lift a look. I chose this Maybelline super stay lip colour for the purple shade as I couldn't seem to find the same colour in a normal lipstick formula

I am also made about nail polish and Barry M is a firm favourite. I liked the look of this feather effect polish and blue is one of my favourite colours

Working full time I don't get the chance to blog as often as I'd like to but for gaps between posts please follow me on Instagram: @ChelseyPrentice as I tend to post pictures daily