Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cosmopolitan Summer Party 2015

I was really excited to attend Cosmo's first Summer party yesterday and despite the weather not being on our side the event actually exceeded my expectations. We arrived at around 4.30 and there was no queue to get in and at that time even the food and bar queues were pretty small. The Artillery Garden Marquee was the perfect choice of venue as there was plenty of space and there was a summery feel to the place but we we also under cover and cosy with the option to go outside whenever the sun made an appearance. There were plenty of brands to chat with and have a look at their products such as Freya, Rimmel, Surf, Choco Lait, Seekers of the sun, Lee Stafford and Gandys and every person I spoke to was very friendly. 

It was difficult picking an outfit especially with the cloudy weather but I chose a lace top from New Look (£20) with Culottes from Primark (£14) sleeveless jacket from boohoo (£18) and lace up heels from Topshop (£65) which are now my favourite heels this summer

The Freya bikinis were gorgeous, great quality and the bright prints are perfect for poolside or the beach. Most of the tops are available in bra sizes from a B cup to a JJ so you can get the perfect size to provide you with that all important support but still look the bees knees in the process. 

Neev from Kiss FM provided the tunes for the day and got everyone in an upbeat, summer ready mood. I wish I'd ask her for tips now as being a DJ is one of my dream jobs (*kicks self*)

We had a lot of fun at the Surf photo booth taking funny pictures with the beach props which can be seen on my Twitter and Instagram. (@ChelseyPrentice) We also received a sample of surf in our goodie bag which I can't wait to wash my bedsheets with as I love the fresh smell

We had similar pictures with props (Indiana Jones hat anyone?) taken at the Rimmel Sunshimmer stand and I can't wait to try out the tanning mousse, especially on my pasty legs. 

I love these seekers of the sun temporary tattoos which are a great idea for festivals, holidays and summer parties. Mine even survived a hot bath last night

There was lots going on in the stage around so we chose to watch a Q&A with Fleur De Force which was very interesting and also gave me motivation to keep up my blog even if nothing ever comes of it as I enjoy it so much and having a creative outlet is so important. We also watched a Summer fashion showcase which was full of amazing summer outfits. So much so that I'll be writing a separate post about it so watch this space!


  1. Gutted that I missed this event. I loved what you chose to wear - very weather appropriate but looked lovely too!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  2. Absolutely love those culottes you're wearing; the print is gorgeous. And those sandals are lovely x

  3. Thank you both! They have some fashion week events in Sept that I plan to go to if I'm not on holiday x