Monday, 27 January 2014

My name is Chelsey and I am addicted to Lush Products

There, I've said it! Lush is a firm favourite amongst bloggers and I'm no exception. The love affair started the creamy candy bubble bar and from then on I never looked back. My favourites are the bubble bars including the aforementioned creamy candy, the comforter, A French Kiss and Yuzu and Cocoa but I'm also rather partial to a bath bomb. You can't beat a colourful bath full of moisturising bubbles or essential oils in scents that are good enough to eat. My family and boyfriend know me very well and both bought me a box of goodies for Christmas. I've already used up the Christmas bathtime favourites box and I'm currently working my way through another gift box which is full of delights! 

Here is a sneak peek of what it's the box. The pink bath ballistic however isn't part of this set and I just wanted a place to store it. The gift set has 4 bath bombs and a bubble bar called Christmas Eve which has a lovely clean soap like smell.

The other night I used the Golden Wonder bath ballistic which looks like a little present and has a golden shimmer coating which makes your bath water sparkle.  

The bath bomb fizzed releasing an explosion of gold and green and tiny sequin stars. I'm a sucker for a bit of sparkle so I would definitely use this again if it's available near Christmas this year.

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