Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Leopard on Bank Street

Everyone has been raving about the Wolf on Wall Street but the fact that it costs me and the bf a whopping £21 just for cinema tickets alone and my incredibly short attention span both put me off. Maybe once it comes out on DVD I'll be more inclined to sit through such a long film as I'll have the pause button to hand for tea and toilet breaks. Anyway, the title to this post is a little play on the title of the film as you can tell. Yesterday I went to the hairdressers and I had to walk past Bank Street in Canary Wharf, hence the Bank Street part.

Like Kat Slater, I've always been partial to a bit of leopard print. It's a timeless print with flattering colours and I have a few pieces in my wardrobe which always serve as a good pick-me-up. Tiger print is also fab so imagine my delight when I opened this long sleeved Zara dress on Christmas day which combines both prints. The fabric feels like neoprene and it is both stylish and comfortable. Like most dresses on me, it's a little on the short side but I can get away with wearing leggings with it at the weekend and I've already worn it twice since Christmas. I love the sweatshirt style detail on the neckline. I also received the matching satchel for Christmas from The Leather Satchel Company

I do miss my long hair but it was high maintenance and I've been wanting to get the chop for ages. I love the new length and all the dead ends and different lengths are now gone to make way for a fresh, blunt cut which is in better condition and should grow well


  1. Leopard print is going to be big this summer so you are getting in early love the satchel. The new hair looks great too lucy

  2. That's good news, even more acceptable to wear it then! Thanks :)

  3. You look cute and your hair looks really nice hun. xx