Sunday, 15 November 2015

Jump On It

Jumpsuits have always been one of my favourite items to wear on a night out. Despite the palava every time you need to use the toilet, I really like them because they are usually smart, versatile and comfortable. I own about 3 jumpsuits but have had others in the past which I sadly no longer have. (I'm still mourning a black velvet asos jumpsuit which I sold a couple of years ago as it didn't fit at the time) On friday night I went for a few drinks in the city to celebrate my birthday which was the perfect opportunity to wear a navy sparkly lurex jumpsuit which I bought in New Look last winter but hadn't had the chance to wear as I fell ill last December. (Read more about this here)

My friend Eleni wore a similar jumpsuit in black but obviously she looks much better in it than I did! I really must invest in a pair of spanx!

I think next time I wear it I'll wear a long jacket to hide my stomach and thigh area as I don't really like clothes that are too fitted to my body. It could also be dressed down with a roll neck top underneath and a pair of ankle boots