Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Candle Crazy

Since I fell ill last December, I've enjoyed a much slower pace of life which involves less nights out and more time at home. During this period my obsession with scented candles has grown! Now that the winter nights are drawing in I love nothing more than burning a (preferably festive scented) candle and enjoying the cosy atmosphere and subtle scent that it creates. My favourites include Yankee Candle, Diptique, Jo Malone and Pecksniff's and I prefer the votive or jar candles rather than wax tarts as the smell is more subtle and no tea lights are needed

Pecksniff's Pine and Clove votives from TK Maxx

Some of my Yankee Candle festive votives which I plan to use up between now and December. Pine and cinnamon scents are my favourites

Diptyque and Jo Malone candles are a special treat

The only problem with the sweet scented versions is that they make me want to eat sweet or cakes, especially any that smell like vanilla or cinnamon! Which candles are your favourites?

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