Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Birthday Boisdale

It was my birthday last week and I don't get out much so I wanted to celebrate in style. I've been thinking about trying Boisdale, a Scottish restaurant over Canary Wharf for a while so it was the perfect opportunity. I wanted to match my outfit to the red decor and wear something with plenty of room for my post dinner belly so my red tunic dress from Topshop was ideal. Popping a Lurex Topshop top on underneath prevented me from flashing any flesh and scaring the waiters! My favourite things about Boisdale were the food, view and atmosphere, the tartan carpet and the fairground mirrors near the entrance which gave us a laugh

My bag is a trusty M&S sale bargain and I got my patent boots in the Zara sale early this year. I was having a bad hair day (as usual) so went for quite bold smokey eyes which look much better in my selfies! (See my Instagram; @ChelseyPrentice)

For my main course I went for the poached Halibut which was delicious and came with prawns, greens and champagne & chive sauce. It makes my mouth water thinking about it!

The weekend after my birthday was a quiet affair but I plan to have a few birthday drinks in the city on Friday night which I'm looking forward to as I can't remember my last non restaurant night out.


  1. I have been meaning to try Boisdale for some time now and that Halibut just sounds divine. Might have to make a trip sooner rather than later. Love the tunic dress :)