Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Primark Mini Haul

I try to wean myself off Primark but every time I'm within sniffing distance of a store I can't help but walk out with a big bag of goodies. There is just nowhere else like it and it's the place where my money seems to go the furthest. I popped in there Saturday morning and loaded up a basket full of bargains. I bought some basic vest tops to wear under sheer tops and a pair of pyjamas but I thought I'd share my favourite pieces with you

I love tops with a pretty detail on the collar and this little beauty ticks all the boxes. It's a great shape, classic colour and only cost £12. 

This very summery dress instantly makes me think of strolls around the park and picnics in the sun. It even has an in-built petticoat in the skirt which is great value for £17

In case you hadn't realised by now, blue is my favourite colour. Baby blue is such a summer shade and polkadots are always cute. The fabric is really soft too and the shirt only cost £8

See my previous post for a denim skirt, also purchased during the mini haul! I probably won't get the chance to post again until Sunday now as I'm round the boyfriend's after work tomorrow, out for a meal Friday night then at Wireless on Saturday but follow me on Instagram to keep up with my antics and outfits; @ChelseyPrentice


  1. I love the shirt, such a bargain too :)

  2. Ooof that shirt is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for anything and everything polkadot though :) ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  3. Omg everything you got is gorge! Need to visit xx

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I think the shirt might be my favourite! x

  5. Primark have some amazing piececs in at the moment, I love that polkadot shirt! x

  6. Thanks, gotta love a bit of Primark! x