Thursday, 20 March 2014

Aspiring Jetsetter

This year I plan to jet off and get out of the UK around every 2 months providing I can afford it and get the time off work. I had such a lovely time in Spain visiting my grandparents and it was much warmer than I thought it would be. You can't beat the feeling of the sun on your skin and returning to the grey skies of England today gave me the holiday blues. I'm hoping to get out to Spain again in May, even if it's only for a long weekend and I'd also like to go there in November. Other than the people I love, getting away to different parts of Europe is what I live for at the moment! Hopefully next year I can go further afield and visit some parts of the world that are outside the EU.

Spain was so relaxing and I love being able to see the sea. Living in London it's not a sight that I see very often. Most days I sat in the garden or on the terrace but on the days we did go out I made an effort with my outfits and here are the results...

This floral midi skirt from Primark (£10) will be a staple piece this summer and I can see me getting lots of wear out of it as midis are my favourite skirt length and I love the print. My top is from next and the jelly shoes are from ebay but they are all over the high street this Spring.

One night we went for a meal in a Mexican restaurant called Amigos which was very tasty. I wore trousers from New Look with a lace top from Next and a floral bomber jacket from Boohoo. (past season) Printed bomber jackets are also everywhere at the moment.

Yesterday we had a late lunch in the sun at a place called Garden Bar which is a stones throw away from the beach. Bliss

This polkadot ensemble is one of my favourite combos for a sunny day. I bought both items last year from Primark (top) and New Look (skirt)


  1. Some lovely summer clothes. The idea of going somewhere every two months sounds brill Lucy

  2. Thank you! Ha, just hope I get to do it