Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Taste of Spring

It may not even be Christmas yet but spending last weekend in Spain and feeling the sun on my skin made it feel like Spring for a few days. Now my season clock is slightly messed up and it'll take a few more days for me to reacclimatise to the British winter but it was nice to have a short break from it. The warmer weather allowed me to wear some pieces that it's currently to chilly to wear and now I'm back in chilly Blighty I plan to stash them away until Spring when pastels will still be going strong

I love these salmon pink skinny cigarette trousers which were £30 from Topshop and are so comfortable.(well they will be once I lose my winter flab and can fasten them properly!) This classic lace sleeve top was around £20 from Missguided and the flattering A-line shape is great for hiding a muffin top. The shoes are also from Missguided and I bought them in the summer but haven't worn them out yet.

This grey draped top was another missguided bargain which cost less than £20. I wore it with my PVC panel skirt which I got in the asos sale for £19. Please excuse the lack of make-up in the pictures. I ended up having them taken on our last day when I was giving my skin a break and a chance to catch a few rays

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