Monday, 20 December 2010

Party outfit recycling

I am currently trying to train myself in the art of fashion recycling. This is no mean feat being the fashion victim that I am but I am trying my best to ignore the voice in my head that screams "I must have the latest high street items. I must be bang up to date. Shop, Shop, SHOP!"

I have decided to try and wean myself off my addiction to the latest trends because I need to grow up, be boring and start saving some money so I don't have to live with my poor, suffering family forever. (This is bad news for the boyfriend as I'll eventually move in with him and drive him mad.)

Don't get me wrong, I will invest in the odd key item every season but I have learnt that there is no need to own 12 sequinned items just because they're fashionable and it's the party season. Less is more, so they say.

Part of the plan is to wear outfits that, shock, horror, I have already worn. Nowadays, with the popularity of Facebook and the likelihood of your photo appearing on there, freshly tagged with everyone from your old school classmates to your best friends to see means that if you were to wear the same outfit twice everyone would know. We have become a shallow society but you know that some people will look at the photos thinking 'Didn't she wear that last week?'

Social networking has almost turned us into minor celebrities whose every move is documented for all of our friends to see, usually with accompanying photos, and God forbid celebrities should wear an outfit twice.
The key, therefore with fashion recycling is to not make it look obvious.
Wear something you havent worn for a couple of months and team it with a different necklace, belt, jacket or hair accessory to make it look different.
That way you'll get the most out of your outfits. Because we don't all have a budget like Paris Hilton.

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