Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Lonely this Christmas?

For those who aren't coupled-up, Christmas can feel like the worst time of the year to be single. It seems that everywhere you look love-struck pairs stroll hand-in-hand with the glow of loved-up, smug coupledom and Christmas spirit in their cheeks.
The messages in the Christmas films are all about love and being with your someone special at Christmas and even Mariah Carey pines for her crush as she warbles 'All I want for Christmaass is yoooouuu...'
So its no wonder that those without a partner can feel a bit like they're missing out at Christmas.

I am lucky enough to be looking forward to my first Christmas with my wonderful boyfriend but for us its not all strolling around fairylight-lit streets and decorated shopping centres, with bags full of gifts swinging from our arms, wearing his n hers Christmas jumpers and clutching gingerbread lattes. When we're not in work or relaxing at home we're fighting our way through the crowds, dodging ditherers in shops and sweating in our coats trying to get our Christmas shopping done. We did have one brief stroll with a festive Starbucks but this was inbetween all the stress of Christmas shopping.
Also you can forget a festive, romantic ice-skating session. Being a wimp who is terrified of breaking bones the thought of ice-skating brings me out in a cold sweat and I refuse to let go of the side so me going ice-skating seems pretty pointless.

When I was single the best things about Christmas were that you can pretty much accept every party invite you get during the party season as you don't have anyone who you would rather spend your time snuggled up with and you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend to buy presents for which means more money to spend on drink. (Always a good thing)
You can also watch whatever rubbish you want on the telly whether it's Love Actually or the Top Gear Christmas special as there is no-one there to moan that they have to sit through that crap.

Christmas is about giving and spending time with the people you love; whether it's your significant other, family, friends or cat. Whoever you spend it with make sure you take time to appreciate what and who you do have and enjoy yourself.

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