Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

We are now into 2011 but do we have flying cars or hoverboards like films such as Back to the Future predicted? No, we have boring old road cars, rubbish trains and ugly shoes with wheels in that only kids wear.

Technology disappointments aside, 2011 looks to be, I hate to say it pretty similar to 2010, 2009, 2008...
Many Facebook and Twitter friends declare that 2011 is their year and things are going to happen for them but then 12 months later they're saying the same thing.
my advice is to give yourself a break. Just because people like Simon Cowell, Lord/Sir (whatever he's known as nowadays) Alan Sugar and Lady GaGa are mega successful doesn't mean we all have to be.
Success means different things to different people and to have that level of fame and wealth requires a ridiculous amount of hard work along with a massive dose of luck.

That said, many of us are stuck in boring dead-end jobs and having difficultly breaking free due to the hangover of the recession, lack of experience or motivation and too many cocky idiots who are influenced by the apprentice, charming their way into jobs that more modest, but just as hard-working people should be getting.
But don't give up. If it's your dream job you want do everything you can to get it but if you don't get it pick yourself up and try to get another job. I feel hypocritical saying this as I am in the same situation but am struggling to find the time and motivation to find my dream job. Hopefully sometime this year I'll get there.

The message of January is one of reinvention: Lose the Christmas pounds, get fit, have a spring clean, a new start...
But resolutions are hard to keep and I am sick of the adverts for celebrity fitness dvds on the telly whilst I'm trying to eat my pringles.
What I'm trying to say really is try to ignore the pressures and the voices telling you you're not good enough as you are. If you're truly unhappy and think that changing something in your life will make you feel better then do it. But make sure it's for yourself, not anyone else.

I just want to take this opportunity to wish my blog readers (all five of you!) a very Happy new year. Here's hoping that 2011 brings you luck, love and happiness.

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