Tuesday, 14 December 2010

And the X Factor winner is... Matt Cardle

This year's X Factor unearthed a talented bunch (and Wagner) but none of the contestants impressed me as much as previous years acts, such as Olly Murs, JLS and Alexandra Burke.
They are artists who make music that I want to buy. Unfortunately, Matt Cardle doesn't fit into that catagory.
He seems like a lovely bloke and his win is well-deserved but as the man in my life says "he sings like someone's grabbed hold of his balls."
Not my cup of tea but one for the housewives and grannies.

Rebecca Ferguson is a lovely, classy young woman with a unique voice and oodles of talent so I hope she goes far.

One Direction were always entertaining and I'm sure Simon will snap them up and turn them into a newer, fresher version of Take That.

But, as everyone knows, it will be about a year before we hear from any of the acts other than Matt Cardle.
I just wish they had written a new song for him rather than churning out endless cover versions

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