Thursday, 19 March 2015

Pop ya (Peter Pan) Collar

My social life at the moment mostly involves going out for meals so I was pleased that my mum decided to go to Goodman in Canary Wharf for her birthday as it's one of my favourite steak restaurants. Have a peek at my instagram to see what I ate (@ChelseyPrentice) but here is what I wore

I love this nude Peter Pan collar dress from Topshop as it's classically stylish but also very comfortable. It's a timeless piece which I can see myself wearing for years to come, providing I don't put on too much weight from all the indulgent food I've been eating recently! I've definitely replaced alcohol with food but I'm getting to the age now where a nice civilised meal is often more desirable than a night in a heaving bar or club. I still like the odd night out, especially for special occasions but I'm definitely more picky now. The tiredness often takes over so I don't have the energy for nights out almost every week like I used to


  1. Socializing is not good for the waist line! Lovely dress x

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous I think this colour really suits you! I am always for a peter pan collar dress xx