Monday, 20 October 2014

The Big Reunion Boybands tour 2014

For a blogger I'm at the mature end of the spectrum as I grew up in the 90s and started secondary school in 1998. Around this time boy bands such as 5ive and 911 were going strong and a couple of years later blue burst onto the pop scene. I used to sing along to their songs, recording my favourites off the radio onto a cassette (yes, I really am that old!) and enjoy reading about them in Smash Hits magazine which sometimes came with free stickers of popstar's faces that I'd stick all over my diary or photo albums.  So imagine my delight when my friend Vicki told me about the Big Reunion Boyband tour featuring 5ive, Blue, Damage, A1, 911, 3T and 5th story which is a group made up of Dane Bowers, Gareth Gates, Kenzie, Adam Rickett and Kavanagh. It was a fab night full of trips down memory lane via 90s/early 00s pop and the accompanying dance moves

We had pretty good seats but it was still difficult to get some decent close up shots which was a shame. it was such a good atmosphere though, with everyone singing along and dancing. As Simon Webbe was on strictly Bradley MacIntosh from S club 7 stepped in to sing his parts and he was great! All of the acts were very talented, especially Damage who were flawless. 

I decided to wear this Topshop lightening bolt top which I've had for a few years and a wool kilt which my mum got me for Christmas from Edinburgh as the whole look has a bit of a 90s feel. Now I'm just hoping that ITV2 do another series of the Big Reunion featuring S Club 7 amongst others! 

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