Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hello Brunette

I'm naturally fair and I've been blonde for a while now so I decided that it's time for a change. I've also been feeling very anxious and down lately for various reasons and felt like I needed a pick me up so a trip to the salon today was much needed. I opted for lowlights in two different shades of brown which I've had before but last time I broke it up with some blonde highlights. It came out darker than I thought and I haven't been this dark since my teens but I really like it! I know that my nan will hate it but she only likes me blonde and you can't please everyone!

I went to Hair E14 on the Isle Dogs which I go to regularly as it's so reasonable and all the stylists are lovely and great to talk to. Outfit wise I went for a red and black theme with a tartan dress from Primark (last winter) and coat, fluffy cardigan and boots from New Look


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! Love that coat too. xx


  2. Your new hair looks gorgeous!! It really does suit you so much, perfect time for a hair change in autumn too :) xxx

  3. The red coat looks amazing! Makes me really want to buy it! xx