Monday, 26 May 2014

Sunshine, rain and mud at We Are Festival

Saturday was a funny day for weather and typically it was the day I was going to a festival, out in the open in the middle of an airfield. Despite the rain me and my friend Rachel still had a great time and although I had chilly thighs for most of the day my outfit was quite well suited to the changeable weather. Wellies were a must for trudging through the mud and you can't go wrong with classic short hunters in timeless khaki/olive green

Please ignore the abandoned chips that sneaked in the shot. (oh the glamour) I picked up this bright, floral top from New Look last week and it was around £17. The shorts were £16 from Forever 21 and I've had the Topshop parka for a few years now. There was a stall which did face painting so we had our faces decorated by two lovely ladies and people kept stopping us to ask where we'd got it done. It lasted all day and I actually felt sad when it came to removing it before bedtime


  1. I love festival fashion, absolutely love the top and the face paint! Looks like you had a good time :) xx

  2. Thank you, I do love a festival! xx