Monday, 5 May 2014

Grease is the Word

The 50's is one of my favourite fashion decades. I love the flattering full skirts, prom dresses and shirts that tie at the waist and they seem to suit my figure which is quite short and bigger around the stomach and area than the rest of my body. When I saw the pastel coloured full midi skirts in Primark (£14) I made a beeline for them and snapped up one in sky blue (below) and in lemon yellow too! I didn't even know that Grease 2 was on TV yesterday but I must've subconsciously took inspiration from it with my 50's style outfit.

My top and shoes are from New Look and my jacket is from The Sting. I wore them to visit my grandparents yesterday. Does anyone else's nan tell them that they've put on weight whilst trying to feed them profiteroles? 


  1. Love that skirt! I might just have to go grab one :)
    And my nan doesn't, but my dad does!

    Rosie x

  2. such a cute look!
    neeeeed that skirt <3

  3. love this outfit. gingham is my fave print atm. x