Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The dress I can't bear to part with

We all have that piece in our wardrobe that we haven't worn for years either because it no longer fits, we don't have an occasion for it or we're just not sure if we look that good in it anymore but for some reason, something stops us from getting rid of it, usually the hope that one day it will fit, there will be an occasion for it or we will feel good in it again.

For me, that piece is this draped, halter neck dress from Topshop. The last time I wore it I was skinny (maybe too skinny) and tanned (maybe too tanned) and the length verges on indecent but I used to feel great when I wore it. I love the flattering draping and how it shows off my back and shoulders. (Hence why I can only wear it with a tan) 

I haven't tried it on for at least 3 years which is probably just aswell as I've put on at least a stone in weight since I last wore it. I'm not sure if I'll get to wear it again but year after year I take it out of one of my 'summer clothes' bags, take a few seconds to admire it, sigh and then hang it in my wardrobe until winter when it goes back into the summer bag! 

I'm hoping that this year will be the year that I lose enough weight and find the right occasion to wear it again. I'm lucky enough to be going to a wedding in Italy at the end of August so maybe by then the gym visits would have paid off and I can wear it for dinner one night. Until then I can treasure the memories attached to it from nights out with my best friends when life was more carefree.

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