Friday, 9 August 2013

Making it Big in Fashion

Most of the people I know say I should work in fashion, some even assume I actually do (I wish) but the truth is I've worked in the glamorous world of insurance (on and off) since I left school and my nan got me a part time job at the insurance company where she worked. I kept this up throughout my studies then graduated during the recession. Any job became hard to come by, let alone a dream one so I ended up staying in Insurance. However, I don't want to give up on the dream and need to put in the work and overcome my fears to hopefully one day have a job that I'm passionate about. I need all the help I can get so when I heard about the making it big in fashion event (follow them on Twitter @MakingItBig3) I knew I had to go

It was a really fun, interesting and inspiring night with some good advice from the speakers, including styling duo OmiApi  and Emma Hart from Push PR to name a couple. They emphasised that you have to be brave and just get out there, network and show everyone what you can do. Fear has held me back in the past and I also haven't had much luck securing enough relevant work experience. I would love to help out at a magazine, even if it's not within the fashion team but most of my letters and emails are ignored as it's so competitive to even get unpaid work. I would also considering trying Fashion PR or buying but again, it's so hard to get into. I need to try again and make my letters stand out this time. It feels like it will never happen but maybe I just need to keep plugging away

Here is the stylish Leon who specialises in luxury fashion recruitment giving us tips on what employers in the luxury fashion retail industry look for

There was also a fashion show from Bola Holis which I took some snaps of below

My favourite piece is the structured white dress but every outfit was on point and well constructed

I really enjoyed the event and loved how laid back and fun it was. If they put on another event I'd definitely go. Now, I just need to take some time and have the guts to get out there and try and break into the industry

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