Sunday, 26 February 2012

No new pics, sorry

After yet another busy week at work I've had a great weekend. Yesterday I went to the the baby show at the excel centre. (Don't worry, I don't have anything to tell you. I went for my friend's birthday and she is pregnant)
It was good to have a chat with my mates and look at all the cute baby bits such as bibs and blankets and afterwards we had a lovely meal at Toby carvery. 
I did aim to take a picture of my outfit which was a pastel ensemble from H&M but I was having a bad hair day and my skin is looking very pale so I will have to wear the outfit again soon and post a photo.

I have another long week at work ahead but I'm really looking forward to the London lunch on Saturday. I can't wait to meet my fellow bloggers and talk about clothes, shoes, bags and make-up. Very exciting!
The only problem is what to wear. I feel under pressure as I will be in the presence of some very stylish ladies and I don't get paid until the day before so I can forget shopping for something new.

Who else is going to the London lunch? Are you having the same dilemma as me?


  1. haha I know exactly what you mean, it'll be good to meet everyone though. x

  2. wear a smile, it makes any outfit. x

  3. I'm going to london lunch too! I think i'll have the last minute panic in the morning. x hivenn

  4. Definitely will be good to meet everyone, looking forward to it. :)
    That's very true Sheree x

  5. don't know what you were worried looked fab yesterday! it was nice meeting you :) x

  6. Thanks, you looked fab too. It was really nice to meet you too. How was the rest of the night? x