Friday, 3 February 2012

My Fashion Bugbears

I absolutely LOVE fashion, especially the high street's take on catwalk looks but there are some items that I will never wear either because they don't suit me or I just don't see the point in them. Here is a list of some of these items:

Cropped Jumpers/Cardigans
I can't stand jumpers or cardigans with cropped sleeves. They may look chic but the whole purpose of knits is to keep you warm so why defeat the object and end up with cold arms? The same goes for coats with cropped sleeves. Pointless. My practical side always wins on this issue.

Static Fabrics
Want to receive a painful shock to the fingertips every time you happen to touch something metal? Then static fabrics are for you. It's usually nylon or polyester, looks cheap and makes your hair look like you've rubbed a balloon on it.

Crop Tops
Unless you're lucky enough to have abs of steel, anyone over the age of 18 cannot get away with wearing a crop top. I want to hide my muffin top away from the world, not have it on display to put everyone off their dinner.

Bootcut Trousers
This style of trousers or jeans swamp my small frame and on the rare occasion when they fit me in the leg they actually make me look even shorter than I am. There's also something a bit nineties about them.

The majority of men's fashion
The One Direction/JLS/The Wanted look prevails for today's modern man. Don't want to look like a boyband member? Well unless you can afford designer your only other choice is the N Dubs/Jeremy Kyle look sponsored by your local sports shop. My older male family members love to moan about the state of men's fashion nowadays. It's usually how the arms and legs are way too tight and the crotch is too low. So, my message to the designers of men's high street clothes is please introduce some more classic style clothes that actually fit properly as my boyfriend's trousers definitely should NOT be tighter than mine.

These are great for snuggling up in at HOME or if you are going through a fast food drive through but should NEVER be worn if you are leaving the house or car.

So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree and what are your fashion bugbears?


  1. Totes agree, apart from the crop tops, I LOVE them... I have no boobs and horrible legs, so my midriff is the only part of me I feel comfortable exposing! :)
    There are a few more fashion 'no no's'... kitten heels, is one of mine! ha ha. Go high, or go home.
    Loving the blog hun. x

    1. You're so lucky you can get away with crop tops, I hate my stomach!
      Ah, I forgot about kitten heels! Not keen on pointy shoes either
      Thanks :) x