Saturday, 18 February 2012

Black is the new black

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. This is because I have been working as a receptionist in a dental practice for 3 weeks and I've barely had time to blog. I also haven't been wearing any exciting outfits as the dress code where I work involves wearing black. Don't get me wrong, black is a smart colour but wearing it everyday with very little to break it up is getting me down. As a creative person, I love colour, glitter and print and lots of it. I have been pushing the boundaries when I can with a brown shirt here and a glittery cardigan there but I feel so restricted and I can't express myself. One of the dentists is stricter than the other about the dress code so when he wasn't in yesterday I brightened my day with a turquoise dress from Primark! It really does put me in a better mood as when you constantly wear black every day feels like a funeral.

As for the weekends, I haven't been paid yet so I'm literally too skint to go anywhere other than round my boyfriends, although I may be able to stretch to Nando's this weekend. (My favourite)
I will gradually try to introduce colour and print into my working wardrobe and I'll let you know how I get on.
Doe anyone else have any work wardrobe woes?

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