Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Review of Beau Bronz Soft Sun Self Tan for English Roses

I met Abi from Beau Bronz at the Bloggers Conference (see post here) last month. She was so friendly and chatty and I was intrigued by the products, especially the self tan for English roses as my skin is naturally quite pale so often needs a bit of a tan to make me look healthy. I love that the range is cruelty free, organic, natural and paraben free so there are no chemical nasties that upset the skin. I applied the self tan on two separate occasions using the Beau Bronz soft tanning mitt felt so velvety soft against my skin.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the results. I love the natural looking colour and the citrus smell which is much less biscuity than other self tan products I've tried. The formula is very luxurious but the density of the liquid makes it slightly difficult to get it out of the bottle and I found I had to really shake it up and squeeze the bottle to dispense the product. I think that a pump dispenser would be really useful or perhaps a squeezy bottle for ease of use. I also found that I had to spread the product evenly across the mitt with my fingers to get an even tan so maybe I'll try using gloves instead to apply it next time. I did have a bit of streaking on my neck and upper arm but that is more than likely due to my lack of expertise in applying it more than the product itself! I'm more used to thin tanning lotions or mousses so I think I just need to get some gloves and improve on my technique. My arms and face look naturally sun kissed and people have commented on how well I look so I would recommend it for the compliments alone! Professional spray tans using Beau Bronz products are also available in selected salons which I'd definitely like to try before a big event as it's always best to leave things to the experts! See the website for more information

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