Saturday, 18 April 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Nothing says Spring like florals so this bright floral print blazer from primark (£13) is perfect for this time of year. It really livens up my plain top from Gap and jeggings from Uniqlo, making it look Spring worthy. I wore this outfit last night for a meal with some good friends which helped take my mind off things as I've been feeling pretty down lately

A bit of Lipstick also works wonders so I slicked on a bright pink shade by make up Revolution. My pot belly is highlighted in this picture and it's getting me down that I haven't been able to exercise since I've been ill so I've put on a stone in weight. I know I'm still small but I miss having the flat stomach that I worked so hard to get last summer and looks such as body con and crop tops are now out of the question!


  1. Your lipstick looks fab with that beautiful jacket, always looking perf lady, hope you feel a bit happier soon hun I know how it is I am piling on the pounds due to not exercise and bad food for comfort and I lost so much, but we can do it hun xxx