Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Marathon Day 2015

The tradition on Marathon Day in the area I grew up in is to go on a massive pub crawl. Usually I happily take part but as I can't drink this year and most of the local pubs were closed I watched some of the runners and had a catch up with some of my friends before heading to a pub after about 3 hours to have a pint of cola! I had a laugh and enjoyed the day but do wish I'd wrapped up warmer as I was freezing and lost feeling in my hands for a few hours

This picture was taken at around 3pm after most of the runners had passed and they started clearing up the roads. I love this fringed jacket from Zara (£39) as the fabric is so soft and feels like suede and I'm a sucker for a bit of fringing. The ripped jeans were from Urban Outfitters early last year, the bag and top are from Primark and the skater shoes were £15 from Linzi. Are there any marathon day traditions that you follow or is it just another day for you?


  1. You freezed but in style OBVS hahaha, I love those skater shoes I have a similar pair but always fear the day of their dirty demise. That fringed jacket is HOT too I can't even remember the last time I went in Zara but you're making me a little jel ;) xxx

    1. Haha, thanks! My skater shoes need a good clean already after just one wear, ha xxx