Sunday, 22 September 2013

Camo Chameleon

Camouflage is one of my favourite trends this season and these Forever 21 jeans are so comfortable. At less than £20 they're a great way to venture into the trend. I wore them yesterday with my H&M faux leather jacket, Zara bag and a top that I bought from River Island a couple of years ago to create a mild grunge look. I also wore Illamasqua intense lipgloss in fury which is a dark berry shade, perfect for autumn/winter. 

I wore this outfit to do some light shopping (I only bought two pieces from Zara!) and to have an X Factor marathon round my boyfriend's house. The weekend started off very well until last night when I wanted to go to bed and our new neighbours decided to have an overly loud get together complete with annoying and too loud music, some whooping and shouting in the garden. We were not impressed and knocked a few times but they didn't quieten down until around 3am so we're all pretty grumpy today. I'm feeling really stressed and anxious lately and lack of sleep makes it worse. So much for a relaxing weekend. They're having a house warming next weekend which I'm dreading but after that we refuse to put up with it every weekend. Here's hoping it stops


  1. I love the jacket! Is it from this season?
    Your neighbours sound awful, so inconsiderate!

    1. Thanks, I got it a couple of years ago but imagine there will be similar ones this season. I know, it's been a nightmare! Don't think they realise how loud they sound to us as the walls are so thin x