Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Think Pink

Pink is the colour of the season and there's a shade to suit everyone; From bubblegum to fuchsia, you're bound to find something you love. At the weekend I went to Westfield and the high street have some great interpretations of this catwalk trend. I've snapped up some pink pieces which I thought I'd show you

It's the colour of candyfloss, the cut is quite masculine and it feels as soft as a teddy bear, what's not to love? (Apart from the hefty dry cleaning bills perhaps) I lusted after the cult M&S pink coat but sadly it's sold out everywhere and I refuse to pay twice the price on Ebay for it but this Topshop beauty is a pretty good replacement. At £89 it is quite reasonable for such a pretty coat but I plan to wear it mostly for special occasions so it doesn't get too dirty

This oversized cardigan was £14 from Primark and will be great for when it gets a bit chilly. It can be hard to wrap up and look stylish but this ticks both boxes

How cute is this fluffy jumper? (£10 from Primark) It's so soft and cosy and I'm almost looking forward to the colder weather so I can wear it! Have any of you been purchasing some pink pieces?


  1. This Topshop coat is soooo lush! :) I love pink (in high school all I wore was pink - think of Elle Woods, lol!) so that's a great trend for me. X

  2. big fan of the Think Pink trend.
    that coat SO good x

  3. Loving the coat - looks so snuggly and warm! x

  4. i'm still on the fence about pink, i know its everywhere but it makes me look about 12! saying that though i do love the topshop coat! x

  5. Thanks girls, I can't wait to wear it! x